Choosing The Best Pour Over Kettle

gooseneck kettleWhen it comes to making coffee, there are mainly two basic methods: percolation and immersion. In the latter method, you immerse the coffee grounds in water for the duration that you brew the coffee. The methods such as siphon, cold brew, French press, etc. that we hear about so often, all fall under this category. The other method is percolation, which is also known in common coffee-brewing parlance as the drip method. Cold drip, espresso, and other drip coffees are made using the percolation method. Pour over coffee is one example of the drip method.

In pour over, you use a pour over kettle (also known as gooseneck kettle), a brewer cone and some kind of filter. The water is poured in a long, slow, and steady stream over the coffee grounds spread over the filter. According to the champions of this method, this manner of making the coffee brings out the most of the coffee beans, prevent bitterness, and also allow the coffee grounds to get rid of the gasses.

When you make pour over coffee, you need a number of equipment pieces. Coffee filters, pour-over brewers, a digital kitchen scale - all of these are essential pieces of equipment for making pour over or drip coffee. However, one absolutely indispensable item for making coffee this way is a gooseneck kettle or a pour-over kettle. Regular kettles will pour water too quickly over the grounds and the purpose will be defeated. So, you will typically need a kettle with a thin and long spout or neck. This would allow you to pour water over coffee in a slow and steady stream and also control the flow of water efficiently.

Pour Over Kettle Comparison Table

Pour Over KettleMaterialCapacityPriceRating
Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle
Stainless steel 1.2L 2$$ 4.5
Fino Pour Over Coffee and Tea Kettle
Stainless steel 1.0L 2$$ 4.7
Bonavita BV3825ST Stovetop Kettle
Stainless steel 1.0L 2$$ 3.6
Yami Stainless Steel Coffee Drip Kettle
Stainless steel 1.0L 1$ 5
Kalita Tea Coffee Kettle Wave Pot
Stainless steel 1.0L 3$$$ 4.6
Takahiro drip coffee pot
Stainless steel 0.9L 4$$$$ 4.8
Cafe de Tiamo Pour Over Coffee Pot
Stainless steel 1.0L 2$$ 4.0
Kalita's Stylish Stainless Pot
Stainless steel 0.7L 3$$$ 5.0

Apart from the kettle, another absolutely important equipment for making drip coffee is the pour-over brewer and there are seven different kinds of brewer that you can use for this purpose. However, those that are most popular come from Chemex and V60. In this article however, we will mainly talk about gooseneck or slow-pour kettle. So, next is some of the best products that you can find in this category and also how to find the best pour over kettle for your task.

The gooseneck or pour-over kettles come in a variety of options including stovetop, electric, etc. So, you may use one that is most convenient for you. One thing to take note of before you choose your kettle is whether or not it coordinates well with the brewer you are using. For example, the beehive design of Hario's Buono model works perfectly with the V60 drip brewer models. The Buono is also one of the most widely popular models used for pour over coffee. It has been a long-standing favorite both with home coffee-makers as well as with coffee bar owners who need to make large batches of coffee round the day.

Another thing is whether you need top notch control and precision in the flow of the water. As for the Buono, it is a handsome and efficient enough model, but the flow is not the steadiest with this model. For this purpose, models from both Bonavita and Kalita are more ideal. We will especially recommend Kalita Wave Pot and the Kalita Thin Spout models for this, although Bonavita models are good enough as they are. Takahiro models are also popular for making pour over coffee.